February 24, 2016

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What to Include on the Case for Support

January 13, 2016

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A Successful Board Retreat

August 14, 2015




Had a wonderful time facilitating the Strategy and Planning Board Retreat for Panhandle Community Services this weekend! We really worked hard and came up with great results that will set the trajectory for the rest of the planning process and for the organization as a whole for many years to come! 


This was a post on my Facebook page from back in September of 2014.


So what exactly constitutes a successful board retreat?


I believe there are 3 very important factors...Read on.



A retreat is just that...A retreat.  You are asking your leadership to break away from life, in general, and spend anywhere from 48-72 hours with complete focus on your organization.  Therefore you must establish a venue that creates a comfortable, almost vacation-like, atmosphere.  That means, if you have available resources, attempt to provide the following items:


  1. Separation - This means away from home...This doesn't necessarily mean hopping on a plane and flying to some exotic location.  You can actually stay in town, just set everyone up at a lodge or hotel at least.

  2. Good Food - You should treat your participants to good food during the retreat.  I suggest having at least one evening where the whole group can meet up and let loose a little at a really nice restaurant.

  3. Ask Spouses to Attend - It is often a good idea for spouses to attend the retreat and provide them something do while your business meetings are taking place, but certainly ask them to come along when you are having your social gathering