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How do you determine if you need to move forward with consulting services?  At CBG, we are selective about the clients we choose to work with.  Our ideal client is one who has already experienced success(es) and desires to continue progressing foward.  

So are you right for CBG?  Read the list below to see if any one of these instances relates to you, your team and/or your organization.

  • You don't have the staff to solve a problem or complete a specialized project;

  • A tough decision needs to be made and no one wants to be publicly associated with it;

  • Your staff needs to be trained;

  • Senior Management has lost its way;

  • You need a change;

  • You want a breather from difficult circumstances and may not want to change at all;

  • You want to discover how other people are doing things;

  • You want better engagement from your board in fundraising, or other activities, and you need a neutral party to suggest a larger roles from them;

  • You can't afford the staffing cost associated with the task or project you are attempting to accomplish;

  • You wish to integrate ideas, tasks or programs into existing activities and you need an outside voice to bring fresh perspective to other members of the team;

  • You need to train your Board, other colleagues or a group of donors or volunteers;

  • When you want to reviatalize a program or project after a period of dissapointing results;

  • and/or, You need help developing policies and procedures for specailized programs and projects.

If you can answer YES to 1, or more, of the items listed above it may be worthwhile to take a short survey to further determine what opportunities may exist between you, your organization and CBG.  Click HERE to complete the survey.


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