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Innovative. Convenient. Affordable.

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ALL Subscribers

Access to:

Monthly Expert Led

Webinar Training

-Webinar focused on providing an hour training tied directly to a topic critical to the success of nonprofits.


Question and Answer

-An opportunity for the speaker to give real-world answers to the real-world issues surrounding the topic. The opportunity for subscribers to get answers and insight they deeply desire.


Facebook Community Group

-We can do more together and although simple, we believe that connecting people to a community of passionate like-minded individuals will open doors to communication and cooperation leading to incredible worth unmatched by any training. We want to make big those who we aim to see succeed by promoting them with one another.


Discounted Consulting Services

-Just what it means, if a need is identified within an organization subscribed to this service that requires more in-depth attention from CBG we want to offer a generous discount for those already in pursuit of bettering the world they effect change in.


Themed Content

& Flight Plan

-This is the butter to the bread. Each month, every subscriber will be digitally presented with the topic, speaker, and several tools to build into the month ahead via a personal flight plan. The content will be given as a tool to learn something new, evaluate where they are currently, and lay out the next steps to take the subscriber to where they so deeply aspire to be.


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Casual Business Meeting

SUPERIOR Subscribers

Access to ALL plus:

Mentor Groups

-A personalized placement into a group of subscribers with similar backgrounds and goals. This group will be led by a member of CBG and will walk through the flight plan as a group helping give insight, experience, and support to those who comprise the group. This also includes monthly meetings and exclusive group interactions.


Launch Box

-An incredible bonus including a physical copy of that month’s flight plan, bonus gifts hand-picked by CBG to assist the subscriber with items we believe help build a success, and amazing material/items that relate to our speaker. Whether their recent book, a tool to help illustrate the training to come later, or just some promotional material. This box serves to enhance the overall experience and put more into the hands of those looking to grow.


Personal Advisor

-A one on one experience crafted with a personalized flight plan to be facilitated with specific organizational insight to an individual. This is the top-notch aid in ensuring our subscribers grow to levels unimaginable. Personalized attention from a member of a team determined to help remove any barrier standing in the way of successfully growing through Impact Launch.


Annual Conference

-What’s the point in celebrating success alone? We want to hear the stories. We want to see the joy. We want to celebrate with our subscribers as we see dreams come to life. Once a year we will gather together and look back on who we were, where we came from, and most importantly what’s ahead. This will be a time where new goals will be set, challenges will be discussed and networks will be expanded.


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