February 24, 2016

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What to Include on the Case for Support

January 13, 2016

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How to Use a Case for Support

January 20, 2016


You have your presentation ready…Now it’s showtime.


Ok…So last week, we promised to give you a sample Case for Support along with a Letter of Inquiry that can be taken and used to give you guidance as you create your very own. 


Now a few notes and disclaimers…We have replaced the names and locations of the agency who we originally wrote these documents for.  So, the board and Executive Director weren’t actually comprised of legendary football coaches!  Lastly, 90210 is the only California zip code I could think of, so you caught me, I may have seen an episode of Beverly Hills 90210!


Ok enough jokes!  In all seriousness, although we did change names, locations and few details of these documents, we did keep the meat of it to show you how a Case for Support can be used to create a Letter of Inquiry.  Caldwell Business Group was hired by an organization to help them raise funds for their capital improvements project.  This agency was very complex in the services they provide, so this Case for Support is most likely larger than most.  Not all cases have to be this big. 


In this particular instance, we used to the Case for Support to develop a Letter of Inquiry.  This exact letter was successfully used to raised dollars for this agency. 


In fact, we received a response back from one of the foundations we forwarded this to with feedback saying this document was, by far, the best representation of what they look for in a letter of inquiry.  Specifically the representative informed me she was impressed because it included, “A specific amount, purpose of