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The Role of Board and Staff in Fundraising

“What exactly is my role when it comes to fundraising?”

This is truly a major topic of conversation among consultants, staff members, boards, committees, volunteers, etc.

I have worked with organizations who have had boards that were so involved and willing to do anything you asked to create success, and I have worked with others who have had boards with little to no involvement. I can tell you the prior is certainly more of a pleasant experience. The reality is that board and staff must both work very closely together to ensure fundraising success. So how is this achieved?

My two cents…There is no one size fits all approach to fundraising, so it goes with the role of boards and staff in fundraising. You have to tailor your approach to meet the current culture of the organization in which you work. You can’t read an article that explains what a perfect board and staff relationship should look like and expect to dive all in and make it happen when your board has not been accustomed, or trained, to do half the tasks required. You have to create a plan that gets you to where you need to be. Most importantly, you have to involve your board from the very beginning.

There are many, many great resources our there that can lead in the direction of healthy board and staff relationships in fundraising. Kind of like this HERE.

Today, I’ll quit my rant early and leave you with the infographic below…This can be used as a concise and easy to read tool that lays out the basic framework regarding board and staff roles in fundraising…Use this to refer to the basic principles of our topic today and then search for other tools and techniques to help aid you along the way to awesomeness. Click HERE for a printable version of the infographic.

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