The Key to Successful Fundraising

Try Googling this title and see how many articles come up…EVERYONE is offering the key to successful fundraising!

These articles are very insightful and the authors are no doubt knowledgeable on the subject. However, I have one issue with “The Key to Successful Fundraising.”

First, let’s begin with the word “key.” What is a key? I usually think of a piece of metal that is cut precisely so that it fits exactly like it needs to in a door, deadbolt, etc. so that internal pins line up perfectly to release and unlock. However, when I hear the term “Key to Successful Fundraising” I get the idea that I will be able to unlock something, but I am also given the impression there’s a key out there that will unlock any lock…It’s one size fits all. This doesn’t exist.

Long story short, all I am trying to say is that THERE IS NOT a key to successful fundraising…There is no magical formula out there that equals success. Otherwise, every non-profit would be healthy, in the black and taking care of business.

There are many variables that come into play to establish successful fundraising…First, you and your people need to be willing to work. Hard. Second, there need to be systems and frameworks in place that strategically guide you and organization into a culture of fundraising, where decisions are based on established objectives that lead to growth and expansion of your organization’s impact.

This month, we will be covering the topic of fundraising…I am excited to offer tools and information that you can use to help you establish some solid structure within your organization so it can be postured for successful fundraising. The tools are guidance, not the Key…They are not one size fits all, but can be used to help guide in the process of tailoring plans to fit your individual needs and organizational culture.

So…Stay tuned. We will be back next week with some very helpful information. See you then.

In the meantime, click HERE for a lighthearted take on non-profit work!

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