What to Expect from a Grant Writer...One More Time.

When trying to fund special initiatives of your organization, every penny counts. That's why it is very important that you have the right resources to ensure your best chance at success...A good grant writer is one of those resources.

In 2015 I shared a blog post about what to expect from a grant writer...I want to re-share this with everyone today. Reason being is during the month of January we have discussed key components to include in grant proposals, elements of the case for support, how to use the case for support and now, I want to finish this series off with making sure you understand that having the right team of professionals to help you craft your message and strategically engage funders is extremely crucial.

In this post, I share with you a few ideas about what you should expect from a grant writer when engaging one for services...Always be sure to do your homework on who you hire to take care of this task becuase this person will be the one who is developing the message that represents your organizations, he will be revealing key insights into your projects, she will engage funders for money and either painting a beautiful, or ugly, picture of your agency for supporters to see. You should expect nothing but the best...Make sure that is what you get.

Clcik HERE to read the article.

At Caldwell Business Group, we believe in using our deep breadth of knowledge and skill to connect our clients with the resources they need to be successful. We take this very seriously and work very hard to ensure the work we do for them is nothing but the best and exactly what was expected, better yet we desire to exceed expectations. If you are looking for a team that will engage you, be present, and truly care for your organization as much as you do, look no further, give us call today.

We hope you have been enjoying our blog series...Be sure to stay tuned next somth as we dive into the subject of Fundraising. We will continue to offer helpful tools and insights that, hopefully, you will find useful.

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