February 24, 2016

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What to Include on the Case for Support

January 13, 2016

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2 Importants Things You Should Expect from a Grant Professional

August 6, 2015

Today, successfully procuring organizational funding from new or existing grant sources takes high level work and collaboration between teams.  The competitive nature of current grant opportunities demands for organizations to put their best foot forward to get funded.


I have been a grant professional for some time now.  I used to think, “Anyone can do this, it’s easy.  Write a few pages, submit them and get people money…Voila.”  And at the very least, this is basically what it is.  However, the more I work with organizations in the many capacities my company does, I have come to learn in order to offer everything I have as a professional (key word) to my client organizations there is so much more that goes into this.


The process for scoring grants, foundation and government, is becoming more and more competitive with tightening budgets and the influx of additional organizations.  The ability to effectively compel a group of people to give your organization thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars over others creates a situation where craft is key.  That is why it is crucial you select the right team to piece together your proposals to ensure competitiveness when requesting funds. 


When you are looking for funding for your organization and you decide to hire a grant professional, there is a lot to consider if you want to have a successful experience.  Today, having a good grant professional that is a true advocate for your organization is key to getting funded and to the ultimate