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Assessment & Mitigation

Are we really doing this right?  Is there something we are missing?  Why do we seem to constantly have struggles inside and out of our organization?

CBG can offer your organization 3rd party, unbiased diagnoses to determine areas within and outside your organization that present substantial levels of risk or barriers that are keeping you from maximum effectiveness.  

"Our experienced team offers in-depth assessment, intervention and remediation processes to help you control your organizations instead of it controlling you."

Our experienced team offers in-depth assessment, intervention and remediation processes to help you control your organization instead of it controlling you.  Take charge and learn how CBG can help.


  • Through our comprehensive Organizational Audit services we provide and internal and external assessment of your organization to identify key determinants to ongoing sustainability and expansion.  Organizational Audits closely look at all functional aspects of organization including:

    • Leadership

    • Client Focus

    • Human Resource

    • Fiscal 

    • Board 

    • Technology and Systems 

    • Special Processes

    • Program Compliance

    • Economy and Sociological

  • Risk Aversion refers a system of plans and assessment processes that enable your organization to identify potentially harmful risk identifiers in order to avoid disaster before it happens.

  • CBG offers Intervention services that help you make sense of issues with your organization and create a plan of action (sometimes referred to as "Corrective Action Plans" when prescribed by certain program funders) for recovery and further mitigation.

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