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3 Days to Better Fundraising

Intensive Training with Immediate Results

3 Days to Better Fundraising is a 3-day training intensive that teaches you the skills to become a successful fundraiser.

Day 1

10 Most Important Things about Fundraising

Establishing a Development Office

Where Does Money Come From?

Framework for Successful Fundraising

Role of Board and Staff in Fundraising

Creating a Case for Support

Day 2

Establishing an Integrated Fundraising Development Program

Time Management

Making the Ask

Creating a Development/Stewardship Plan

Metrics that Matter - Establishing Measures for Success in Fundraising

Day 3

Capital Campaigns

Success with Grants

Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members

The Care and Feeding of Board Members

Training is offered via LIVE and PRIVATE workshops.

ONLINE workshops coming soon!  Click here to join the waiting list and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Private Workshops

Exclusive Fundraising workshops for your team:  Private workshops give you and your team direct access to training consultants.  This option provides an immersive and interactive curriculum tailored to meet your specific needs.

Contact us to learn more and/or schedule a private workshop with your team.

Live Training

Live training opportunities feature a 3-day workshop with a free 1-hour consultation with consultants on the 4th day.  We will be in the following locations in 2018.  Check back regularly for updates.

Denton, TX

October 3-5, 2018

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