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Do you have a strong desire to simplify complex issues and take big ideas from concept to implementation...But don't know how?

Do you wonder if you are doing everything right?

Are you continually working IN your business rather than ON it?

Is marketing your company difficult, confusing and/or intimidating?

Are your teams having difficulty aligning?

Does your organization have complicated issues that linger?

Do you struggle with communicating your message?

CBG works for organizations and businesses of all sizes in any industry.

Small Businesses

Public Agencies

Nonprofit Organizations

Service-Based Companies






All shapes and sizes!

We are not your typical consulting firm.  We are very different actually...From our fee structure to the way we dress.  We are a firm that is working to disrupt the consulting industry and deliver a new standard of excellence in serving clients.  

Heres what makes us unique:

We are Extremely Relational

We don't view our projects as transactional, we view them as a relationship.  This is necessary, because there MUST be a healthy level of trust developed between consultants and clients.  One of the six CBG company values is Family - We are family, our clients are family, and we share life together.

We Simplify and Streamline 

We have a knack for working alongside our clients in creating a deep understanding of the help you need, deconstructing issues and building out actionable plans that will help you take your most complex issues and turn them into clear and straightforward solutions.

We Have Fun

We believe that life is too short to be a stick in the mud...We would prefer to have fun with our clients and make growing your company the most pleasurable experience you have had.  So, if you're a grouch...Don't call us, we don't want to work with you!  

We Create a Positive Impact Through Our Work

We exist to provide encouragement and hope to you as you lead your organization to be the best it can be.  Our special talent is working together with you and your teams, creating synergy and facing into barriers you may be facing. 


With every client we implement a proven method to ensure we are meeting your exact expectations, creating results and making the process a very pleasurable, and profitable, experience!

Free 1-hour consult with CBG experts to discuss your business.  During this meeting we want to learn all about your company…How did it start? What do you do? Who do you serve? Where do you serve?  What makes you awesome?!?!  Most importantly, during this time, we want to clearly understand the following:

  • What’s most important to you?

  • What causes you the most pain?


We then create a plan that will help you expand what’s most important to you and overcome what causes you the most pain.  This is delivered to you in the form of a FREE Roadmap that clearly outlines a scope of work, key benefits for you, along with additional terms and conditions.  It will also outline how CBG can guide you in the process.


If you hire us, we then work alongside you in implementing the outlined roadmap.  This starts with a Project Implementation Meeting that reiterates, expectations, outcomes, project contacts and next steps.  In every project we continually work together toward defined 30, 60 and 90 day Project Key Measurable Results, or KMR’s.  This gives you a very clear understanding of what to expect from CBG, as well as what is expected from you, for the project to be successful.


Evolution is an ongoing process through the project…As we work through the Project KMR’s in an effort to successfully attain the final deliverable we will actively gauge progress and identify barriers along the way.  As the our relationship progresses, we will actively evolve the project to ensure we are successful and achieving the goal we set out to achieve together.

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“Before CBG we were living month to month. We now have money in the bank AND a small emergency fund. We are on our way! Because of the time they spent with us and the training we received, we were not only able to learn about the tools that we needed to grow, but they taught us how to use them.”

-Valerie Gooch, Executive Director


"CBG is an amazing firm to work with. I find them to be full of energy, tenacious when challenged, full of ideas and always the first to offer help if needed in a project. Hiring CBG would absolutely be one of the best things any company can do!"

-Magi York, Executive Director

Panhandle Community Services

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